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Super Features

Carvertise strive to deliver advertising in a targeted and cost effective manner that is more successful than most other forms of advertising.

  • Super Impact

    Our adverts have immediate impact and are not restricted to one fixed point, location or time offering the kind of brand placement advertisers can only dream about.

  • Super High Visibility

    Unlike billboards and other traditional modes of media, Carvertise vehicles can be viewed from any angle required. Few other mediums can claim to offer 360° exposure.

  • Peer-to-Peer Marketing

    Sports fanatics, football mums/dads, travelling business people, daily commuters, university students, entertainers, fitness gurus; who better to persuade than one of their own peers?

  • Around The Clock Exposure

    Unlike television and radio, Carvertise vehicles cannot be switched off. Carvertise vehicles are able to reach a substantial audience and offer high impression values.

  • Super Targeting

    Carvertise gives advertisers the opportunity to directly "hit" and target specific retail zones or entire markets.

  • Super Low Cost

    Carvertise vehicle sponsorship service is considerably more cost effective than many other outdoor advertising media.


  • Cost Effective

  • Exceptional coverage

  • Vibrant communication

  • High impact

  • New platform for your business

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